Seattle Area PGA Professional

Drill Parallel Clubs Drill Plus

The next time you hit balls make sure you aim with precision by using colored sticks for alignment. To add to this normal practice routine put a shaft down the target line in front of the ball and a  shaft behind the ball laying flat on the ground(space them out about four feet from the ball so you don’t hit them)  This will help you aim better regardless of your eye dominance.


Angle of Approach

Most of us hate hitting balls thin and fat. To fix these shots try hitting balls out of a fairway bunker.  Draw a line in the sand and instead of hitting behind the line, hit the line forward. Practice till you feel comfortable then hit balls out of the sand the same way.  You will reduce those flat and thin shots.


How do you know if you have the right tilt?  This is a huge problem for many. When you get into your posture you should be able to hang a shaft from your shoulders and it will be over your toes if you have the correct posture. Maintaining this position through your golf swing with help